Being an Israeli in New York brings up a lot of emotions.

New York can be the greatest city on earth, but when you’re “expecting” or stuck home with a newborn and later on a crazy-active toddler,
you might just wish you were living across the street from your mom…

The difficulties of having kids are endless, top it up with being an immigrant away from your loved ones- you’re facing one heck of a challenge.

With that in mind, the idea of having a web site where all the Israeli moms and “soon to be moms”, living in the New York area, can “meet”, share their needs, thoughts, suggestions and experience, felt like a necessity-

“Ima’le” is the place we make it happen-

Thanks to Amit Nevo sharing her 12 years experience as a New Yorker, 8 of them as a mom and Nahama Caspi who after 8 New York years is trying motherhood back in Israel and, finally, thanks to you, all the “Ima’les” out there- your involvement and cooperation helps us help others like us.

Amit and Nahama


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