Stylish Solutions To Dirty, Lost And Swapped Pacifiers & Toys

tutim_1.jpgTutimNYC takes baby industry by storm with stylish solutions to dirty, lost and swapped pacifiers & toys.

What could be more practical than a product that evolved as a solution to a real parents’ need? And, what could be more chic than a product that was designed by Israeli moms that have been stylistically influenced by the flavors and colors of an international upbringing?

Michal (mother of 2) and Irit (mother of 3) were determined to stop searching for whatever their babies need RIGHT NOW and created Toy Sitters & Paci Sitters that are as practical as they are stylish.

tutim_2.jpgTutimNYC Sitters prevent children’s pacifiers & toys from getting
dirty, lost or swapped! They can attach to any outfit, stroller, car
seat, carrier or high chair and come in trendy and matching fabrics.
They are great as small gifts or as an add-on (packaged adorably with
eco friendly materials). In this troubled economy, baby-boutique-goers
across the USA and in Israel are happy to find these affordable/stylish
Sitters. Handmade in the USA.

For more information and to locate a retailer near you, visit
(Posted by Irit)


  1. I bought both the pacifier holder and the toy holder. They are GREAT. Check: for the stores that carry them.

  2. I bought both sitters as a gift for a “new born baby”. the parents called me few weeks later and said that this is the most thoughful gift the baby got.

  3. Now available online!!! Select Paci Sitters and Toy Sitters can be purchased at

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